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Frank Shamrock: Brett Rogers Could Pull A Fujita on Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko hasn't often been hurt in his MMA career, but one of the few times he found himself in trouble came in 2003 against Kazuyuki Fujita, who briefly dazed Fedor with a punch. As Fedor prepares for his next fight, against Brett Rogers on November 7, CBS announcer and former UFC champion Frank Shamrock says he sees a lot of Fujita in Rogers.

"The only person I've ever seen hurt Fedor was a big Japanese wrestler, Fujita," Shamrock said Tuesday on a call to promote the CBS show. "He did it deceptively. He was a big wrestler but he got Fedor into a punching game. And somebody with that style could catch him."

Mauro Ranallo, who will call the Fedor-Rogers fight along with Shamrock and Gus Johnson, added that the way Andrei Arlovski controlled the stand-up game in the first couple minutes of his fight with Fedor in January is the way for Rogers to fight Fedor.

"Brett Rogers needs to aggressively pursue Fedor but also be patient, somewhat similar to the way Shogun Rua did with Lyoto Machida," Ranallo said. "It's sort of an oxymoron but it's patient aggressiveness. The key is to wait for Fedor to make a mistake, because everybody does -- nobody is perfect. I don't see Brett Rogers winning this fight if it goes to the ground."

It's true that even Fedor can make a mistake (though he hasn't made many in his MMA career), and I suppose I could see Rogers landing a big, hard right hand like the one Fujita landed, but I have a hard time seeing Rogers actually winning this fight -- just as Fujita wasn't able to beat Fedor. If Rogers hits Fedor hard enough to make him stagger around the cage, that alone would be an accomplishment, but that alone won't be enough to pull off one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

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