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DREAM.12 Live Blog: Overeem vs. Thompson, Sakuraba vs. Galesic, More

FanHouse has live results of DREAM.12 at the Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka, Japan.

DREAM.12 marks the first time ever that a major Japanese promotion will utilize a cage, a hexagon dubbed as the "White Cage." A trifecta of titleholders are scheduled for action: Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and DREAM's own welterweight champion Marius Zaromskis.

The live blog is below.

Keisuke Fujiwara vs. Tomoya Miyashita

Round 1: Miyashita takes Fujiwara down and looks for a guillotine choke. Miyashita looks to pass from halfguard. Fujiwara tries to escape and turtles, but Miyashita pushes him on his back against the cage. Fujiwara attempts a triangle but Miyashita escapes. Miyashita lands knees to the body. Miyashita continues eyeing the choke and lands knees to the head. Edge: Miyashita

Round 2: Miyashita scores the takedown, into Fujiwara's full guard. Fujiwara attempts the omoplata and Miyashita rolls over it. Miyashita takes Fujiwara down again. Miyashita controls from side mount. Fujiwara turtles and Miyashita works knees. Edge: Miyashita

Round 3: Miyashita shoots and misses. He gets it on his second attempt. Fujiwara upkicks and briefly attempts a triangle choke. Miyashita passes to side control. Fujiwara turtles and Miyashita drops knees. Miyashita works, ineffectively, from Fujiawa's guard. Fujiwara attempts an armbar and then triangle choke. Fujiwara lands punches with Miyashita trapped in a triangle choke. Miyashita escapes into side control with 33 seconds left in the fight. Miyashita drops knees. Edge: Miyashita

Miyashita wins via unanimous decision

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Won Sik Park ("Parky")

Round 1: Hironaka moves forward with alternating punches. They size each other up. Parky sticks a jab. Parky works leg kicks. Parky hurts Hironaka with a counter right hook. Parky charges with a knee to the body. Parky dictating the standup fight. They trade leg kicks. Hironaka pops a right hand. Edge: Parky

Parky's corner throws in the towel (Parky could not see from his right eye) and Hironaka wins.

Hironaka wins via TKO - R1, 5:00

Chase Beebe vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Round 1: Maeda with left right left punches. Maeda aggressively attacks Beebe. Beebe weathers the strikes. Maeda lands leg kick. Beebe tries takedown but Maeda defends. Beebe catches a kick and takes Maeda down. Maeda scrambles out. Maeda catches a kick and puts Beebe on his back. Beebe lands punches from the bottom and Maeda responds. Beebe tries to escape and Maeda quickly takes Beebe's back and taps him out.

Maeda wins via submission (rear-naked choke) - R1

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Yoon Dong Sik

Round 1: Saffiedine lands a leg kick, and another. Dong with a one-twon and shoots. Saffiedine reverses into side mount. Doon escapes all the way to butterfly guard. Saffiedine stands and allows Dong to follow. Dong tries a judo throw but misses and gives up his back. Dong moves into clinch. The referee separates them and they restart with 29 seconds left. Edge: Saffiedine

Round 2: Saffiedine jabs and lands a leg kick. He tries a jumping knee and lands in clinch. Dong shoots and takes Saffiedine down with a single-leg. Saffiedine looks for a kimura, but Dong sits in halfguard. Dong with a possible banana split, takes Saffiedine's back. Dong works for the choke with one minute left. Dong can't lock it in and ground and pounds to end the round. Edge: Dong

Round 3: More of a feel out process to start round three. Dong shoots and misses. Saffiedine a bit more active with his boxing. The referee pulls out the yellow card for lack of action. Saffiedine tags Dong with punches. Dong shoots and pulls guard. Saffiedine lands a nice right. Dong avoids combos with a lazy shot. Saffiedine presses forward with short combos. Saffiedine pulls guard. Edge: Saffiedine

Dong wins via split decision

Tokimitsu Ishizawa vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Round 1: After a brief scuffle, they clinch. Shibata throws knees and punches. Ishizawa shoots his way out. Ishizawa shoots again and misses. Shibata comes forward with a combo and Ishizawa counters with a combo. They exchange punches. Shibata lands knees with the Muay Thai clinch. Ishizawa swings wildly. They clinch and Ishizawa throws high knees. Shibata clips Ishizawa with a left hand and Ishizawa stumbles down. Shibata pounces and wins by referee stoppage with right hands.

Shibata wins via TKO - R1

Zelg Galesic vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Round 1: Sakuraba scores the single-leg takedown and drops back for a leglock. But he gives up his back and Galesic drops right hands. Sakuraba is taking a lot of damage but he holds on for a toehold. He switches to a kneebar and Galesic taps.

Sakuraba wins via submission (kneebar) - R1

Marius Zaromskis vs. Bae Myeon Ho

Round 1: Zaromskis comes out with a flying knee. Zaromskis lands a head kick and wins by knockout.

Zaromskis wins via KO - R1

Eddie Alvarez vs. Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1: Alvarez shoots and Kikuno defends with double underhooks. Alvarez escapes and runs off. They trade punches. Alvarez shoots again but Kikuno defends. And again Alvarez shoots and Kikuno escapes. Alvarez shoots and Kikuno shrugs him off. They exchange punches into clinch. Alvarez lands a left and a right. Alvarez shoots and Kikuno defends. The referee separates them from clinch. Kikuno with a back kick misses. Edge: Kikuno

Round 2: Alvarez drops Kikuno with a right hook but Kikuno bounces back up. Alvarez catches a kick and goes to side control. Kikuno tries to escape and Alvarez attaches a guillotine choke. Kikuno pops his head out. Back to their feet, Alvarez unloads. Both fighters look weary. Alvarez takes Kikuno down into halfguard. Alvarez attempts an arm-triangle. Kikuno taps.

Alvarez wins via submission - R2

Alistair Overeem vs. James Thompson

Round 1: Thompson rushes. Overeem throws a flying knee and almost gets caught on top of cage. Overeem secures a standing guillotine and Thompson taps.

Overeem wins via submission - R1

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