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UFC 104 Undercard Live Blog: Okami vs. Sonnen, Rivera vs. Kimmons, More

LOS ANGELES -- This is the UFC 104 live blog for the four preliminary bouts of the night's event featuring middleweights Yushin Okami vs. Chael Sonnen, Jorge Rivera vs. Rob Kimmons, heavyweights Stefan Struve vs. Chase Gormley and light heavyweights Kyle Kingsbury vs. Razak Al-Hassan.

The first bout is scheduled to begin at 7:30PM ET. The live blog begins below.

Stefan Struve vs. Chase Gormley

Round 1: Fight starts standing, with Struve throwing leg kicks. 30 seconds in, Gormley, who is making his UFC debut, takes him down, and starts throwing punches. Gormley slams Struve while he is in "Skyscraper's" closed guard. After a bit of ground work, Struve gets up, and begins raining blows in Gormley's half guard. The referee is close to stopping the fight, but Gormley escapes the onslaught. Struve drops down, and then quickly secures a triangle choke. Gormley taps out shortly thereafter.

Result: Stefan Struve (22-3) def. Chase Gormley (6-1) via submission (triangle choke) - Round 1, 4:04

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Razak Al-Hassan

Round 1: After a quick exchange standing, Kingsbury, the American Kickboxing Academy product, takes Al-Hassan down, and quickly moves to the mount. Al-Hassan secures Kingsbury's left hand, but Kingsbury rains punches with his right. The crowd begins to get restless because there isn't much action on the ground, but ref doesn't stand them up. Kingsbury ends up in Al-Hassan's closed guard before the ref finally stands them up. Al-Hassan looks very awkward standing up and doesn't keep his hands up. His stance is also not so smooth.

FanHouse scores Round 1 in favor of Kingsbury (10-9).

Round 2: Second rounds starts with Kingsbury taking Al-Hassan down immediately. Al-Hassan ends up in Kingsbury's guard, but Kingsbury kicks him off. Both fighters stand up, and Kingsbury presses Al-Hassan against the cage. Both fighters in the clinch, landing knees to each other's body. Crowd starting to get very restless, as both fighters are pressed against the cage. Not much action going on. Kingsbury seems very tired. With 15 seconds remaining, both fighters trade strikes, and Al-Hassan lands a leg kick to close the round.

FanHouse scores Round 2 in favor of Al-Hassan (10-9).

Round 3: Both fighters look very tired. They decide stay standing for the majority of the round, trading weak shots. With less than two minutes left, Kingsbury presses Al-Hassan up against the cage, and eventually takes him down the single-leg. Al-Hassan quickly jumps up, though. Crowd begins to boo again with 50 seconds remaining. Kingsbury pushes the action with seconds remaining.

FanHouse scores Round 3 in favor of Kingsbury (10-9).

Result: Kyle Kingsbury (8-2, 1 NC) def. Razak Al-Hassan (7-2) via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Jorge Rivera vs. Rob Kimmons

Round 1: Fight starts with Kimmons trying for a takedown, but Rivera stuffs it. Slow action in the clinch. Rivera connects with a nice combination. Rivera lands another solid combination. Eventually, Kimmons takes Rivera down. Kimmons throwing elbows and punches in Rivera's half guard, as they are pressed on the cage. Rounds ends.

FanHouse scores Round 1 in favor of Rivera (10-9).

Round 2: Rivera throws a wild combo to start. He is opening himself up to the clinch too easily. Kimmons takes him down, but Rivera ends up in Kimmons' guard throwing punches while standing over him. Kimmons has a welt over his right eyebrow. Rivera throw body elbows and punches to the face. Kimmons gets up. Rivera locks in a head clinch, throws a sloppy knee. Both fighters look very tired.

FanHouse scores Round 2 in favor of Rivera (10-9).

Round 3: Rivera drops with a left seconds into the rounds. Kimmons is bleeding pretty badly. Rivera just seems too tired to finish the fight. The ref stops the fight momentarily to see if Kimmons cut is dangerous, but it isn't. Rivera goes right back into Kimmons' guard, throws some more punches, and finally, the ref calls a stop to the fight.

Result: Jorge Rivera (17-7) def. Rob Kimmons (22-5) via TKO - Round 3, 1:53

Yushin Okami vs. Chael Sonnen

Round 1: After a brief exchange standing, Sonnen presses Okami up against the cage, trying to take him down. He eventually gets the takedown, and as Okami scrambles, Sonnen secures his back. Sonnen tries for the rear-naked choke, but Okami escapes. Back in the center of the Octagon. Okami's standup is looking good, as he is picking his shots. Sonnen seems a little more aggressive. Sonnen takes Okami down with a double-leg, but Okami bounces back up. Round ends.

FanHouse scores Round 1 in favor of Sonnen (10-9).

Round 2: Both fighters collide early into the round, as Sonnen tried for the takedown and Okami went for a combo. Sonnen throwing some nice leg/punch combos, including a spinning back kick. Both fighters are actually looking quite good standing. Sonnen's jab is working. Sonnen connects with a left and then an overhand right. Round ends.

FanHouse scores Round 2 in favor of Sonnen (10-9).

Round 3: Okami controls center of the octagon to start the round. Both me are letting the leather fly, throwing combos. Sonnen takes Okami down, and quickly secures his back. Sonnen trying for a suplex, and he is connecting with knees to Okami's thigh. Okami falls down, and tries for a kimura. Sonnen escapes as the round ends.

FanHouse scores Round 3 in favor of Sonnen (10-9).

Result: Chael Sonnen (25-10-1) def. Yushin Okami (24-5) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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