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UFC 104 Live Blog: Joe Stevenson vs. Spencer Fisher Updates

This is the UFC 104 live blog for Joe Stevenson vs. Spencer Fisher, a lightweight bout on the pay-per-view card.

The Ultimate Fighter 2 winner Stevenson will look to go two straight under Greg Jackson when he takes on striker Spencer Fisher.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Stevenson circles left. Stevenson charges with a leg kick. Fisher unloads with a a three-punch combo. Fisher counterpunching Stevenson. Stevenson shoots two minutes in and Spencer defends. Fisher is bleeding from his right eye. Stevenson continues to push for the takedown. Stevenson almost picks up Fisher. Stevenson continues working for it, switching to a double-leg. He settles for double underhooks in clinch. Referee Herb Dean separates them with 1:21 left. Fisher throws punches and calls for Stevenson to do the same. Stevenson takes Fisher down and takes Fisher's back. Stevenson drops right hands as Fisher hangs on.

FanHouse scores the round 10-9 for Stevenson.

Round 2: Fisher presses forward. Fisher lands leg kicks. Fisher with two punches and a kick, but Stevenson shoots and puts Fisher to the floor. Stevenson pushes Spencer towards the fence. Stevenson sits back for a leg lock but changes his mind and lays on top of Fisher's halfguard. Stevenson works short, right elbows. Stevenson traps Fisher's left arm in a crucifix and immediately drops rapid elbows/forearms. Brutal end to the fight. Referee stoppage.

Stevenson wins via TKO (elbows) - Round 2, 4:03

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