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UFC 104 Live Blog: Gleison Tibau vs. Josh Neer Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 104 live blog for Gleison Tibau vs. Josh Neer, a lightweight bout on tonight's pay-per-view card.

Both fighters are looking to avoid back-to-back losses. Neer dropped a unanimous decision at UFC 101 to Kurt Pellegrino, while Tibau lost a controversial split decision to Melvin Guillard on the undercard of The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale in June.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Tibau slammed Neer with a takedown within 30 seconds of the opening round, but Neer quickly worked his way up. Tibau with another slam takedown a minute later. Tibau for some reason let him up though. Neer can't stop the takedown as he's taken down another time, but Neer is able to buck him off and get back to his feet. Tibau takes him down a fourth time. Neer walks up using the fence. TIbau can take him down, but can't hold him. The round ends, and FanHouse scores it 10-9 for Tibau.

Round 2: Tibau starts the round with yet another takedown, but basically lets him up within seconds. Before the fight Neer said Tibau was going to struggle to take him down, but he hasn't stopped him once. Tibau takes him down again and gets mount. Tibau takes his back with 2:30 to go. TIbau tries an arm bar and Neer pulls out and ends up on top. Tibau escapes with 1:45 left. Tibau looks to be tiring as the round nears an end and Neer starts to stalk. FanHouse scores the round for Tibau 10-9.

Round 3: Shocker, Tibau takes him down early. Neer is doing a good job from the bottom threatening, and Tibau lets him up. Neer finally stuffs a takedown at 3:20, then another at 2:58. Tibau tiring, but gets another takedown with two minutes left. Tibau is not able to control him at all on the ground and Neer escapes again. Takedown, rinse, retreat. Time runs out on a lackluster round. FanHouse scores the round for Tibau 10-9.

Winner: Tibau by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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