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UFC 104 Live Blog: Antoni Hardonk vs. Pat Barry Round-by-Round Updates

This is the UFC 104 live blog for Antoni Hardonk vs. Pat Barry, a heavyweight bout between former K-1 kickboxers on the Spike TV portion of card.

Both strikers are looking to get back on the winning track. Prior to their most recent loss, Barry won his UFC debut in impressive fashion by leg kicks and Hardonk compiled a three-fight win streak in the UFC.

The live blog begins below.

Round 1: Hardonk turns down Barry's request for a glove touch. Barry throws combos to ward off Hardonk's initial attack. Hardonk lands a leg kick and Barry answers. Barry lands a nice right. Hardonk lands another leg kick and slips back. Barry taps an inside leg kick. Hardonk with another leg kick. That one probably hurt Barry as he switches to a southpaw stance. Barry was poked in the eye in a brief exchange and he takes a quick break. Barry switches back to orthodox stance and he's able to land his rights. Hardonk slips into Barry and Barry puts Hardonk on his back. Barry works to pass to side control and lands punches. Barry passes but Hardonk escapes to his feet. Barry immediately swings and catches Hardonk with punches. Hardonk throws a head kick that is blocked. Hardonk connects to Barry's legs, which are visibly bruised. Barry connects on a kick to the body to end round one.

FanHouse scores the round 10-9 for Barry.

Round 2: Hardonk continues to work on Barry's legs. Barry rushes through and connects with two punches. He does it again. Once more and a leg kick trips Hardonk to the floor. Barry is getting more confident. Barry connects to Hardonk's ribs. They clinch and Barry fights off a takedown. Barry lands a hard jab. Barry counters with a right. Barry drops Hardonk with a jab. Hardonk is in trouble. Barry drops two punches and Hardonk covers up. It's over. Hardonk is done and the referee stops the fight.

Barry wins via TKO - Round 2, 2:30

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