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UFC 104: Gleison Tibau Beats Josh Neer in Dull Decision

In a fairly dull lightweight battle at UFC 104, Gleison Tibau defeated Josh Neer in a fairly dull unanimous decision, taking Neer down at will and dominating the fight on the ground without doing a whole lot of damage.

Less than 30 seconds into the fight Tibau spectacularly slammed Neer to the ground, but Neer maintained his composure, pulled into guard and then got right back up to his feet. They stood up and traded shots for about 30 more seconds, and then Tibau threw Neer to the ground again. Again, Neer got back up, and it went that way a couple more times in the round: Tibau could get Neer to the ground, but he coudln't do anything with him once he got down there.

In the second round, Tibau took Neer down once again, and on the ground Tibau mounted Neer, got his back and attempted an arm bar, but again, Neer defended himself and was able to get back to his feet without taking much damage.

The third round didn't have a whole lot of action, and the crowd at the Staples Center began to boo. Tibau took Neer down once again twice in the final minute of the fight, and by that point he had sealed the win. He won by unanimous decision, 30-27 on two judges' cards and 29-28 on another.

Tibau improved his professional MMA record to 20-6. Neer fell to 25-9-1.

For more on the UFC 104 fight card, follow our UFC Twitter updates and UFC 104 results.

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