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Randy Couture: Brandon Vera Attacks Like Chuck Liddell

As Randy Couture prepares to return to light heavyweight and fight Brandon Vera at UFC 105, he says Vera reminds him of his last light heavyweight opponent, Chuck Liddell.

"He's what I would call a strategic striker," Couture tells Ron Kruck on this week's episode of HDNet's Inside MMA. "He changes leads a lot, he kind of tries to draw you in, not unlike how Chuck used to fight a lot. He kind of plays the possum game, back up, back up, try to draw you in, and then land that one shot or that one kick or that one punch that's going to hurt you and stun you. He's probably going to try and run and gun and do that same kind of thing when fighting me: keep range and find good shots that he can land, not be afraid to try to kick me. He's pretty effective at it."

Video below.

Couture also says that being 15 years older than Vera doesn't mean anything, adding, "I think I'm the best fighter I've ever been."

Inside MMA airs Friday at 9 PM ET on HDNet.

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