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Dana White Brings Back Video Blog

UFC president Dana White has returned to video-blogging for this Saturday's UFC 104 event in Los Angeles, releasing a new blog (NSFW, above) Tuesday morning documenting his attendance at a Tuff-N-Uff event to watch his cousin's amateur MMA debut and a ticket giveaway at a mall in Los Angeles.

White last blogged early August for UFC 101 and later pulled his entire library of blogs off YouTube. The UFC turned to spotlighting fighters instead, profiling Randy Couture for UFC 102 and Vitor Belfort for UFC 103. Cain Velasquez has been being taped for UFC 104, but White has since decided to "unretire" and join in on the action.

"I'm bringing back the video blogs, I've retired and come back more times than Brett Favre," White jokes in the introduction for the video.

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