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Semmy Schilt Beats Alexey Ignashov

Getting revenge for an ugly loss more than five years ago, the enormous Dutch kickboxer Semmy Schilt defeated the Belarusian Alexey Ignashov in a fairly dull decision Saturday at Golden Glory's Ultimate Glory 11 event in Amsterdam.

It was a big win for Schilt mostly because of what it meant to him personally: In 2004 Ignashov beat Schilt with a stunning first-round knockout, using powerful knees to chop down the giant, and Schilt has wanted to even the score with Ignashov ever since. Now he has.

The 2009 version of Semmy Schilt vs. Alexey Ignashov, however, was not a great fight. Schilt was fairly cautious and was satisfied with winning an easy decision against an inferior opponent -- and yes, an inferior opponent is what Ignashov is to Schilt, no matter what happened the first time they fought.

Up next for Schilt is a date with Jerome Le Banner in the first round of the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 2009. That will be a much better fight than this one, which was mostly, for Schilt, a matter of pride.

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