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Americans Complain About Refs, Sakuraba at Dream.12, Aoki-Kawajiri NYE

Dream 11 is in the books and the post-fight press conferences are available on Dream's YouTube channel, so let's take a look at what was said.

Bibiano Fernandes won't fight until 2010: Dream promoter Keiichi Sasahara said at his post-fight press conference that the cut over Fernandes' eye likely means he won't be able to defend his Dream featherweight belt this year. When he does fight next year, it might be a rematch of Tuesday's main event, which Fernandes won by split decision over Hiroyuki Takaya.

Shinya Aoki vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri likely for New Year's Eve: Sasahara said Aoki will want a couple of months to rest, and that he should defend the Dream lightweight belt against Kawajiri at the New Year's Eve Dynamite show.

Kazushi Sakuraba is likely to fight at Dream 12: "Sakuraba doesn't look injured, so we'd really like to invite him to participate in Osaka," Sasahara said. Dream 12 takes place October 25, and it will be Dream's first event in a cage instead of a ring.

Boxers aren't used to getting kicked: American boxer Rubin Williams, who lost to Sakuraba in an embarrassing mismatch, said repeatedly at his post-fight press conference that he was unprepared for the kicking element of MMA.

The Super Hulk Tournament is all about ratings: "Minowa showed us the great dynamic of the Super Hulk Tournament," Sasahara said. "I'm expecting a good TV rating."

Minowaman is a wrestler first and a fighter second: "I'd like to maintain the MMA approach in the training, but my feeling is that I'm still a pro wrestler," said Ikuhisa Minowa, who will fight Sokoudjou in the Super Hulk Tournament final on New Year's Eve.

American fighters don't like Japanese refs: Two losing Americans, Bob Sapp and Joe Warren, complained that the refs had stopped their fights early. Warren has a strong case that he didn't tap out against Fernandes and didn't deserve to have his fight stopped, but Sapp wasn't fighting back against Sokoudjou and has no reason to gripe about the stoppage.

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