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Joe Muir KOs Naki Havili in 6 Seconds

One of the fastest knockouts of the year happened this weekend in Australia at the first event of the Underground MMA Cage Fighting Series, when superheavyweight Joe Muir knocked Naki Havili out cold with a hard right hand just six seconds into the fight.

When you hear about a knockout that fast, you usually figure that must mean it was a case where one fighter wasn't quite ready, like he stuck his hand out to touch gloves and his opponent caught him right on the chin. But this fight wasn't like that: They touched gloves and exchanged jabs, and it was only after Havili threw a leg kick that Muir landed the punch that ended the fight. Muir pounced on Havili on the ground, and the ref did a good job of jumping in to protect Havili.

Until I saw this video I had never heard of the Underground MMA Cage Fighting Series, but they did a very smart thing by starting up a YouTube channel and uploading that knockout: This is the kind of viral video that gets attention for upstart promotions. A great highlight for Muir and for the promotion.

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