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Tito Ortiz Lectures a Homeless Guy

Here's your strange video of the day: UFC fighter Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend, porn star Jenna Jameson, standing on the sidewalk, surrounded by paparazzi, when a homeless man approaches and asks Ortiz for money. Ortiz decides to give him a lecture instead of a handout.

"I came from the streets, homeboy," Ortiz told him, in a confrontation that TMZ caught on camera. "I worked for my s**t. I used to wash cars when I was a kid. Laziness don't get you anywhere in life, dog. Laziness don't get you anywhere in life. I'm just saying -- you wouldn't be begging for money, right? I came from the streets."

The homeless man seemed offended by the response and questioned Ortiz's street cred, and Jameson tried to calm everyone down by suggesting, "Let's all be friends. Let's not fight."

What do you think? Was Ortiz right to give the guy some advice, or is it rude for a millionaire to lecture a homeless person? You tell me.

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