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K-1 World GP Final Brackets Set

One of the things I enjoy about K-1 is the way it determines the draw for the World Grand Prix final tournament, with the fighters first slotting themselves into the brackets. That slotting process was done the morning after Saturday's World Grand Prix in Seoul, so the results are in.

Here's how the draw looks:
Badr Hari vs Ruslan Karaev
Ewerton Teixeira vs Alistair Overeem
Jerome LeBanner vs Semmy Schilt
Remy Bonjasky vs Errol Zimmerman

My very early predictions: Hari, Overeem, Schilt and Bonjasky will win in the first round. Hari will beat Overem and Bonjasky will beat Schilt in the second. And Bonjasky will beat Hari in the Grand Prix Final.

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