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Strikeforce Results: Live Updates of Kennedy-Cummings, Sefo-Jordan, More

FanHouse has live Strikeforce results for the main card of Friday's Strikeforce Challengers at the SpiritBank Event Center in Bixby, Okla.

Featured on the card are Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings, two-time US Olympian Daniel Cormier, The Ultimate Fighter 7 assistant coach Zach Light and K-1 veteran Ray Sefo.

Daniel Cormier vs. Gary Frazier

R1: Cormier stalks and Frazier circles away. Cormier glances a right hand and Frazier drops for the takedown, but Cormier defends. The two heavyweights battle for position in clinch. They release, Frazier shoots and Cormier easily stuffs it. Cormier controls a turtled Frazier and drops punches. Frazier stands up, runs away and lands on his back in guard. Cormier passes to side control. Cormier with big punches to the body. Frazier gives up his back and Cormier continues with strikes to the body. Frazier runs away and turns around to swing wildly. 10-9 Cormier.

R2: Frazier jabs. Cormier punches into clinch. Cormier drops for the single leg and Frazier escapes it with the help of the fence. More running by Frazier. Frazier lands an inside leg kick. Cormier powers Frazier against the fence. Cormier tries the takedown but Frazier defends. Cormier lands a nice uppercut. Cormier throws a knee and the tired Frazier falls. Cormier sits in halfguard and ground and pounds. Cormier takes full mount and drops left and rights. Frazier gives up his back and Cormier continues with strikes. The ref calls the fight off.

Cormier wins by TKO (punches) - R2, 3:39

Travis Calanoc vs. Thomas Longacre

R1: Quick exchange. Longacre lands a nice leg kick. Longacre moves forward with a combo and Calanoc backs to the cage. Calanoc with an inside leg kick. Longacre lands punches and finishes with a leg kick. Longacre with more fast punchces and Calanoc covers up. Calanoc shoots and Longacre stuffs it and attacks with a knee. Longacre lands a leg kick and another punch combo. Calanoc trires a spinning back kick but gets hit with more punches. In clinch, Calanoc lands knees and he's mounting a comeback. Calanoc gets close with punches and throws another knee. Calanoc lands a left hook. Calanoc jumps in with another knee. Longacre stalks Calanoc with jabs. Longacre slips on a kick but changes to a takedown and scores it. They stand up and Longacre with a kick and punch that's blocked. 10-9 Longacre.

R2: Calanoc chases with punches and Longacre moves away. Longacre punches in and Calanoc covers. Longacre lands a leg kick. Longacre connects on an overhand right. Longacre throws fast combos anytime Calanoc comes close. Calanoc lands a leg kick but Longacre counters with another flurry of punches. Longacre lands a straight right. Calanoc catches a kick and connect to the body with a kick. Longacre catches a kick and shoves Calanoc down. Longacre lands a nice punch combo that finishes with a hard leg kick. Calanoc grabs a guillotine and pulls Longacre down. Longacre escapes and stands. 10-9 Longacre.

R3: Longacre is patiently landing a variety of shots. Longacre scores a takedown into side control. Back up and Longacre continues with one-two punches. Calanoc tries spinning backfists. Longacre is willing to take the leg kicks to answer with punch combos. Longacre goes for the takedown and Calanoc attempts the guillotine and pulls guard. Longacre slips his head out. Calanoc attempts the armbar; Longacre escapes and Calanoc spins out to his feet. They cautiously trade punches to close out the fight. Convincing win for Longacre. 10-9 Longacre.

Longacre wins by unanimous decision

Zach Light vs. Tyron Woodley

R1: They feel each other out. Quick exchange. Woodley throws fast punches. Light nails a leg kick and Woodley counters with a right. Woodley scoops up Light and slams him. Woodley punches in halfguard. Woodley move Light against the cage. Woodley lifts Light and takes full mount. Woodley attempts the arm-triangle choke but Light survives and Woodley reclaims full mount. Two big punches by Woodley to end round one. 10-9 Woodley.

R2: Light uses his hands more to start round two but Woodley is in no danger. Woodley with a nice knee and a right. Woodley hurts Light with a right. Woodley attempts the arm-triangle again. Woodley lets go and rains down punches. Woodley wants the arm-triangle. Light bucks Woodley off and creates an opening to get back to his feet. Woodley scores another dominant takedown. Light tries to escape Woodley transitions to the armbar.

Woodley wins by armbar submission - R2, 3:38

Ray Sefo vs. Kevin Jordan

R1: Sefo lands the leg kick. Another leg kick and Jordan goes for the takedown. However Sefo reverses into Jordan's halfguard. Jordan escapes to closed guard. Sefo sloppily tries to pass and Jordan sweeps him. Jordan with punches in side control. Jordan looks for a keylock. Jordan controls Sefo and secures full mount. Jordan drops left and right hands. Sefo bucks but can't escape. Still, Jordan does not produce enough ground and pound for the referee to stop the fight. 10-9 Jordan.

R2: Jordan shoots from far away and Sefo easily avoids. Jordan injures his right knee and the fight is over. Very unfortunate as the injury gave Sefo an undeserving win.

Sefo wins by verbal submission - R2, 0:24

Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings

R1: Kennedy misses a high right kick and gets another kick blocked. Kennedy reaches for the takedown and gets it. Cummings attaches a kimura and Kennedy slips his arm out. Kennedy drops rights inside of Cummings' halfguard. Cummings tries to escape but Kennedy immediately climbs on his back. Punches lead Cummings to turn to mount. More punches and Cummings gives up his back. Kennedy flattens Cummings and pouring down with left hands. Cummings escapes to halfguard. Kennedy works his way back to full mount. Kennedy with lefts and rights. Complete domination for Kennedy. Give Cummings credit for hanging in there. 10-8 Kennedy.

R2: Kennedy tags Cummings with a left. Kennedy blocks a takedown with a guillotine. Cummings takes the single leg and lands a left hand. Kennedy stuffs a takedown and tries a choke. Kennedy turns to north-south choke and finishes.

Kennedy wins by north-south choke - R2, 2:43

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