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Rampage Jackson Responds to Dana White, Rashad Evans

In the follow-up to his "retirement" blog post, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson addressed Thursday his feelings of disrespect from UFC president Dana White and rival Rashad Evans.

"I feel like this whole situation could have been avoided if UFC would have respected me more and rescheduled the fight about a month or more in my hometown," Jackson wrote in a post titled "Who's the baby?" undoubtedly in response to White saying he was "acting like a baby."

"... Instead, Dana went on the Internet and started talking bad about my decision," Jackson continued. "All we had to do was come to a certain type of agreement or understanding, which later came after a lot of trash talk from Dana."

Respect, or the lack there of, was the major theme of Jackson's latest statement, which was also the same reason Randy Couture tendered his resignation from the UFC in 2007. However unlike Couture, Jackson is satisfied with his financial compensation, just not White's insults towards his decision to accept an important acting gig.

"Everything is not about how much money you make," he wrote. "You can be the richest man in the world but if nobody respects you then it don't mean s---."

Shifting focus to his The Ultimate Fighter 10 opposing coach, Jackson responded to Evans' comment to Yahoo! Sports Wednesday that "I would have loved to punch him in the face for free."

"I am the wrong fighter that should fight pissed off professionally," Jackson wrote. "I don't even consider it fair. So Rashad says he will fight me for free. I will gladly meet him at any gym and fight him just to shut his mouth up and I mean that for real!"

Read Jackson's entire blog post here (registration required).

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