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Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera a Brilliant Move for Strikeforce

Capitalizing on the enormous promotional resources that the UFC will pour into its November fight between Randy Couture and Brandon Vera, Strikeforce is poised to offer a November Couture vs. Vera fight of its own: Kim Couture vs. Kerry Vera. is reporting that Kim Couture and Kerry Vera have verbally agreed to meet in a 135-pound bout for Strikeforce, possibly on November 20 -- which would be just six days after their husbands, Randy and Brandon, meet in the main event of UFC 105.

Kim Couture (who is estranged from Randy) is 1-1 in her professional MMA career, while Kerry Vera is 1-0, so this is a battle of two newcomers, not two of the best female fighters in the world. But I think it's a great fight for Strikeforce: The UFC will spend a great deal of time and money advertising Couture vs. Vera, and Strikeforce can benefit from that advertising.This is brilliant matchmaking.

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