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Wanderlei Silva to Film Reality TV Show

A reality show competition is currently in the works that will feature Wanderlei Silva scouting aspiring fighters for his Wand Fight Team, and FanHouse has confirmed that the show will be broadcasted on a television network to be announced.

An open casting call will be held Nov. 14 at the Wand Fight Team Training Center in Las Vegas. According to Silva, 10 fighters will be selected and invited to his camp.

"These athletes will be training with me and my team and after two weeks, they will have a fight," Silva said. "All this will be filmed as part of my new reality show."

Silva's Wand Fight Team currently consists of himself, Demian Maia, Vitor Vianna, Jorge Lopez, Kit Cope, Sidney Silva and Marlon Mathias and the former PRIDE champion is always on the lookout for more amateur and pro fighters.

"The world now is full of good fighters who don't have an opportunity," Silva said. "Just like the guy who beat Fedor in Sambo and nobody knows who he is. There are a lot of great fighters who don't have the opportunity to become part of a great team."

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