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Strikeforce, Showtime Promote MMA on YouTube, but Why Scott Lighty?

I've long said that Strikeforce needs to follow the UFC's (and Bellator's) lead in using YouTube to promote its fights, so I was glad to see that on Tuesday, a Strikeforce promo video was added to Showtime's YouTube channel. But while this particular video, featuring Scott Lighty, is well done, it still leaves me scratching my head.

Why Scott Lighty?

Yes, Lighty is a talented fighter with a 5-0 professional MMA record, but why is Strikeforce promoting him right now, when it hasn't announced an upcoming fight for him -- and when it has other upcoming fights, including a Showtime broadcast on Friday night, that could use the promotion? Why not a YouTube promotional video about Tim Kennedy or Zak Cummings, who are fighting in Friday's main event, or about Ray Sefo, who's well known to kickboxing fans but isn't well known among MMA fans, and is also fighting on Friday?

I don't know. I think the Lighty video is well produced and interesting, I just think its timing is odd. I hope we see more videos along these lines, but I hope they focus on fighters we're going to see soon in the cage.

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