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Shonie Carter Stays at Stranger's Apartment, KOs Danny Abbadi

If you're a pro fighter and your fight purse doesn't cover hotel, just ask a fan for a place to crash. That's what UFC veteran Shonie Carter did over the weekend when he flew out to Los Angeles, Calif. for a fight against The Ultimate Fighter 3 contestant Danny Abbadi.

As the eccentric 11-plus-year MMA competitor explains in the above video at 0:58, he posted on an Internet forum (Thread titled: "I am coming to LA and need a place to crash 3 day") his phone number asking for a place to stay for three days.

It worked out for Carter as he scored a first-round knockout over Abbadi and he'll aim to win the W-1 belt next on Oct. 10 when he takes on former UFC welterweight champion Carlos Newton in Quebec, Canada.

In other wacky Carter news, his appearance on Judge Mathis premiered last Friday and the episode saw Carter winning a case against a promoter that sued him for skipping on a guest appearance, teaching seminar and referee duties that would have compensated Carter $900.

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