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Dan Hornbuckle TKOs Nick Thompson at Sengoku X, MMA Star Is Rising

Dan Hornbuckle is a fighter from Mahomet, Illinois, who's currently known to only the most hard-core of MMA fans. But after finishing yet another fight in spectacular fashion in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, he's a star on the rise in the sport.

Hornbuckle took on Nick Thompson -- who's well known for being a lawyer who took the bar exam two days after fighting Jake Shields on CBS -- at Sengoku 10 in Saitama, Japan, and he won the fight by second-round TKO with a beautiful flurry of strikes on his feet. Hornbuckle landed a straight left hand to Thompson's chin, followed by a right hook to Thompson's ear that sent Thompson reeling, and then Hornbuckle erupted with a leg kick, more punches and a knee to the chin to finish it. The win improved Hornbuckle's professional MMA record to 19-2.

HDNet announcer Michael Schiavello referred to Hornbuckle as one of the most underrated welterweights in MMA, and I'd have to agree. Last month he produced one of the MMA knockouts of the year when he defeated Akihiro Gono with a brutal kick to the head, and Wednesday morning he was back at it again. There aren't many fighters who have given us more exciting finishes this year than Dan Hornbuckle.

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