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UFC 103 Video: Vitor Belfort Fight Day

The latest installment of Vitor Belfort's UFC 103 video blog comes from fight day, and it shows that when you're a professional MMA fighter, the lead-up to the fight is ... boring.

Basically, when a fighter has a fight on Saturday night, he wants to be as relaxed as he can possibly be throughout the day on Saturday, and that means he just does stuff to kill the time: He watches Family Guy, he plays dominoes, etc.

Belfort gets a little more active when he's in the locker room prior to the fight, doing some light punching to warm up, but the lesson to be learned here is that on fight day, there's not a lot going on. And yet when it was time to fight, Belfort was instantly able to transform himself into the cold-blooded fighting machine who needed just 3:02 to knock Rich Franklin out.

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