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Inspired by Highlight Video, Phillipe Nover To Continue Fighting Despite Seizure

During season eight of The Ultimate Fighter, eventual runner-up Phillipe Nover was jokingly referred to as "Fainting Phillipe" by president Dana White for passing out on the first episode.

But Nover's health concerns took a far more serious turn Wednesday afternoon when he fell victim to an apparent seizure hours before his scheduled bout Wednesday against Sam Stout.

Nover reflected on his officlal blog Thursday evening the fight cancellation and his decision to continue fighting despite his syncopal episodes.

"The truth is I couldn't control the situation," Nover wrote. "My body for some crazy odd reason needed to shut down at that very moment. Even though I view myself as this super healthy athlete who eats right and exercises all day long. There is something wrong with me which I have no control of."

After waking up and informed that he would not be cleared to fight and that the fight would be canceled, Nover entertained thoughts of quitting his fight career to return to nursing. However, his passion to compete was re-ignited when he watched the UFC's pre-event highlight video package, which is accompanied by the song Baba O'Reilly by The Who and aired exclusively at live events to energize the crowd.

"Then I paused for a second and looked up at one of giant screens they had set up in the convention center and watched this video... After watching that, goose bumps grew all over my arms. I saw a compilation of fight clips and different fighters do [their] thing. I saw it. I saw the glory. I saw Forest Griffin run across the cage smiling after he choked Shogun. I saw Anderson Silva raise his arms sitting on the top of the fence. I saw what it feels like to win.

"That's why I need this. I need the feeling of winning back in my heart. I need and I want it," Nover continued. "Nothing beats that feeling and I'm going to get it. All those negative thoughts of fighting disappeared and I was back! I felt it in my blood and in my gut. This is what I must do, I want to be a fighter, I want to feel victory. I don't care what the costs are. I will try again. Fall seven time[s] only to rise an eighth!"

Nover, who was compensated with both his show and win money, said he will be required further medical evaluations before he can return to the Octagon.

"I'm on this medical mission to see what's wrong with me," Nover said. "What went wrong that night? The major question I have for myself is. What can I do to prevent that from ever happening again? That's what I have to figure out in the next few days. Then I'll be back 100% just like that beast you saw on the show."

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