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Phillipe Nover vs. Sam Stout Canceled at UFC Fight Night

The fight between Phillipe Nover and Sam Stout at Wednesday's UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City has been canceled after Nover suffered a seizure hours before the fight was set to go off.

UFC President Dana White made the announcement on Twitter:
The nover stout fight is off. Nover had a seizure in the locker room. He is ok. Stout was very cool during the incident and is a class act!!

Nover, who was once described by White as "the lightweight Anderson Silva," is well known to UFC fans for fainting during his first appearance on The Ultimate Fighter. No further details are known at this time about the incident Wednesday in Oklahoma City, but a seizure sounds more serious than a fainting spell.

Jon Bier, a publicist for Tokyo 5 Jeans, Nover's sponsor, gave FanHouse the following statement: "Phillipe was sitting in the locker room relaxing before the fight. EMT was called after he began shaking. It was classified as a seizure. He's been released from the hospital and is OK but is not cleared to fight."

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