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Dana White Furious at Rampage Jackson

UFC President Dana White says he's so mad at Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for postponing a fight with Rashad Evans in order to play B.A. Baracus in an upcoming A-Team movie that he isn't even talking to him. Video below.

"I hate it so bad I can't even tell you how bad I hate it," White said on The DAM Morning Show. "I'm so mad at Rampage over this. Rampage is a guy that we've obviously taken under our wing the last few years, really like him and have done a lot of things for him. For him to do this to me, to do this goofy A-Team movie, I'm not happy about that at all."

White also scoffed at the notion that Rampage is going to become a successful actor.

"You're going to be a huge, bona fide movie star with one role?" White said. "They're not paying him jack. He's giving up literally millions of dollars to play Mr. T. If you think he's going to go in there and say 'I pity the fool' and he's going to become a huge serious actor from that role, give me a break."

White did say, however, that he wasn't going to part ways with Jackson, because White knows that Jackson is a great fighter and a great attraction for the UFC. Ultimately, that's what makes White so mad.

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