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UFC 103 vs. Mayweather Marquez: Bruce Buffer Plans to Beat Michael Buffer

On Saturday night a pair of combat sports titans will go head to head, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Golden Boy Promotions square off in simultaneous pay-per-view cards. And that means we'll have a brother vs. brother battle of ring announcers, with Bruce Buffer saying "It's time" at UFC 103 and Michael Buffer calling "Let's get ready to rumble" for Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez. I talked to Bruce Buffer last week, and he said he's confident the UFC show will win the night on pay-per-view.

"Michael and I don't go head-to-head on purpose, but we do when that's the way the date falls, that we both have events," Bruce Buffer said. "I think the UFC has reached the point where fans appreciate the brand, and all the shows are successful. I'm surprised Golden Boy took the risk of taking on the UFC. The chance of losing pay-per-views doesn't make sense."

Bruce Buffer said that he has long loved boxing and has been around it as a fan and as a manager of his brother, but he thinks that in recent years, the UFC has so far surpassed boxing that even major fights like Mayweather-Marquez can't beat a show like UFC 103 on pay-per-view. Buffer mentioned that he thinks the HBO 24/7 series does a great job of selling the fighters, but he said boxing simply no longer has the large numbers of passionate fans that the UFC now does.

"Now is the UFC's golden age," Bruce Buffer said. "Because of the leadership of Dana White and the Fertitta brothers, there's just been this explosion of the UFC brand as the biggest sport on pay-per-view."

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