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Lyle Beerbohm Improves to 13-0

Lyle Beerbohm needed less than a minute and a half to defeat Josh Martin on Saturday night in an Arena Rumble MMA show, running his professional record to 13-0 and showing that Beerbohm is a talented, well-rounded martial artist who should be fighting in big promotions on TV, not in small shows on YouTube.

Why hasn't Beerbohm made the big time yet? I'm not completely sure. He also fights for Strikeforce, but for some reason they didn't put his June win over Duane Ludwig on Showtime, and so hardly anyone knows who he is.

And that's a shame, because Beerbohm is not just a great fighter but a great story: He spent a year and a half at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, as a result of multiple felony convictions, all related to his crystal meth addiction, but in the last three years he has turned his life around and channeled all his energy into MMA. He's won seven of his fights by TKO and five by submission, and he's an exciting, fun fighter to watch. I hope we soon see him in a major fight for a major organization.

Video via Bloody Elbow.

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