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Ultimate Fighter 10: Roy Nelson Is the Best, Who's Next?

Kimbo Slice is, of course, the biggest name on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. But every hard-core MMA fan I know is in agreement that the TUF 10 cast member who has accomplished the most in MMA is Roy Nelson, who was the last heavyweight champion of the IFL, has 13 professional victories and was competitive in all four of his losses.

But after Nelson, who's the next-best contestant on The Ultimate Fighter, which begins Wednesday on Spike? One web site may have the answer. uses a statistical rating system for MMA fighters similar to the BCS computer ratings you see in college football, and this is how that rating ranks the 16 fighters on TUF 10:

1. Roy Nelson
2. Darrill Schoonover
3. Abe Wagner
4. Justin Wren
5. Kimbo Slice
6. Mike Wessel
7. Zak Jensen
8. Scott Junk
9. Brendan Schaub
10. James McSweeney
11. Wes Sims
12. Marcus Jones
13. Jon Madsen
NR. Wes Shivers
NR. Matt Mitrione
NR. Demico Rogers

Obviously, these ratings systems aren't perfect. For instance, I think McSweeney, whose MMA record is just 3-4, is a lot better than the Fight Matrix system would have you think. I've talked to multiple UFC fighters who have sparred with McSweeney and say his background as a professional kickboxer makes him a threat to anyone in the stand-up game.

But if you want a basic idea of how good the fighters on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter are, those Fight Matrix rankings are your best bet. Nelson is clearly the favorite.

Previously seen by Kid Nate at Bloody Elbow.

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