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MMA: Great for Teenage Girls

Although there's still an element in our society that views mixed martial arts as savage brutality, the sport has achieved enough mainstream acceptance that it is now a burgeoning amateur sport for young people, as the above fight between two teenage girls demonstrates. I think it's great.

The fight features a 13-year-old girl stepping into the cage against a 17-year-old girl, and contrary to what some in the media would still have you believe, it wasn't some blood-soaked brawl. It was a demonstration of two martial artists engaged in a healthy competition. Note the sportsmanship they both show, shaking hands before and after the fight. Note the athleticism, the strength, the agility, and -- especially from the winner -- the skillful use of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Also note that at the end of the fight, neither girl had so much as a scratch on her. MMA is safe -- far safer than activities like cheerleading and gymnastics, which every year leave some teenage girls paralyzed.

So yes, MMA is a great sport for teenage girls. Kudos to these two for showing the way.

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