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Hari 'Throws to Hurt With Every Shot'

I've always believed that the one thing Japan's K-1 kickboxing promotion needs to take off in the United States is the emergence of one recognizable star. It's looking increasingly like HDNet, which owns the U.S. TV rights to K-1, thinks that star is Badr Hari.

On Friday night HDNet will air a 90-minute show devoted to the career of Hari, a Dutch-Moroccan heavyweight with powerful punches and a bad-boy attitude. The above video promoting the show pretty well describes why Hari has the potential to emerge as the first kickboxer to really gain traction with American fans.

"What sets Badr apart from everyone is his aggression," K-1 announcer Michael Schiavello says. "The guy throws to hurt with every shot."

That's a good way of saying it. Fight fans like to see guys who push the pace and fight to finish, and that's what Hari does. Throw in the fact that he's got a nasty streak (sometimes too nasty, as in his disqualification against Remy Bonjasky in last year's World Grand Prix Final) and this is a fighter fans can either grow to love or love to hate. Either way, they'll want to watch.

I don't think Hari is the best kickboxer in the world -- I'd still pick Bonjasky, who has beaten Hari in the last two K-1 World Grand Prix finals -- but I do think Hari has the potential to become the best, and stay the best for a long time. The 24-year-old Hari will next step into the ring on September 26 against Zabit Samedov, and if you have any interest in kickboxing, that's a fight you won't want to miss.

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