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Gegard Mousasi: Paulo Filho on Steroids, I'll Only Fight Him With Drug Tests

Paulo Filho was regarded as one of the best mixed martial artists in the world when he was fighting in Japan, running up a 14-0 professional record to start his career. But when he came to the United States he was less impressive, and fellow fighter Gegard Mousasi says he knows why: Filho uses steroids, and had to stop when he was subjected to American drug testing.

"We all saw what happened when he came to America," Mousasi said. "He got beat up. Now he's back in Japan, and he feels like a kid in a candy store. He can use all kinds of steroids, and I think the steroids have gone to his head."

Mousasi noted that in the United States, the state athletic commissions test fighters for steroids, but in the Japanese Pride and Dream organizations, fighters aren't tested. That, Mousasi said, is why Filho was a better fighter in Pride and Dream than he was in the U.S. in the WEC.

"He didn't perform the same in Japan as in America, ow he suddenly has a big mouth again," Mousasi said. "He's a little donkey. He's on steroids and he thinks he's a racehorse now. ... I really believe he uses steroids."

Mousasi, the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, says he'd be happy to fight Filho -- but only in the United States. Mousasi is convinced that in Japan, Filho would have an unfair advantage.

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