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UFC 103: Mike Swick Hurt, Paul Daley vs. Martin Kampmann

The September 19 UFC 103 fight card has taken a hit, with Mike Swick reportedly suffering an injury and pulling out of his scheduled welterweight bout with Martin Kampmann. According to the UK Sun, Paul Daley will step in to take on Kampmann instead.

That's a significant disappointment for anyone buying the UFC 103 pay-per-view. Swick vs. Kampmann had been advertised as the bout that would determine the next contender to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, but that now goes out the window. Daley vs. Kampmann is a decent fight, but it's nowhere near as good a fight as Swick vs. Kampmann, and Daley vs. Kampmann is certainly not a good enough fight to justify giving the winner a title shot.

I have Swick ranked as my No. 5 welterweight in MMA, with Kampmann at No. 8. I'd probably put Daley somewhere around No. 25, so he should be considered a significant underdog to Kampmann. And the loss of Swick on this card should be considered a significant disappointment.

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