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Muhammed Lawal Weighs Options Following Recent Mark Kerr Victory

Muhammed Lawal defeated Mark Kerr last Friday at M-1 Global: Breakthrough in just 22 seconds, and the free agent is already looking towards his next fight. "King Mo" told FanHouse on Thursday that he is weighing offers from several organizations. He said there is a chance he will compete again for Sengoku, but not on their upcoming Sept. 23 event because "it's a smaller show."

Lawal added that he hopes to return to action come October or November, and that he still expects to be fighting in either the UFC or Strikeforce by the end of 2009.

After recording five victories in his first five professional MMA fights, some have said that it's time for Lawal to face better competition. But the former Oklahoma State University All-American maintains that it isn't his fault if his victories look easy.

"The people I fought were decent, but I ran through them. So its easy for people to say they ain't good," Lawal said.

FanHouse has learned that Lawal's camp has been in serious discussions with Strikeforce as of late. It's hard to argue with the idea that Strikeforce is not the perfect destination for Lawal. Their light heavyweight division is by far their weakest, and while Lawal wouldn't bring the most extensive resume with him, he would bring a shot of personality and charisma, which is something Strikeforce could use.

As for not living up to his recent promise on The MMA Hour that he would do an old school pro wrestling dance during his fight against Kerr, Lawal claims the HDNet cameras didn't catch him doing the famous "Alex Wright dance" at the beginning of his entrance. Nevertheless, he plans on making up for it the next time he competes.

"Next time, I'm going to do every wrestling dance out there," he said. "I might even do the Disco Inferno."

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at Lawal's fight against Kerr, produced by the incredibly talented E. Casey Leydon and Esther Lin of (Warning: video contains some explicit language.)

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