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MMA Twitter Mailbag: Mayhem Miller, Ultimate Fighter, Tattoos, More

MMA Twitter universe had questions this week about Jason Mayhem Miller telling me he doesn't know if he'll fight Jake Shields for Strikeforce this fall, about the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, about the emergence of a "seniors division" in the UFC, and about an MMA fighter with some offensive tattoos.

Your questions and comments, and my responses, for the latest MMA Twitter mailbag are below.

mmahotstuff Wow I sort of thought it was going to be on the October card. You'd assume he'd know by now if it was in fact Shields in October.
Miller sounded disappointed that Strikeforce hasn't told him for sure whether he's fighting Jake Shields on the Fedor Emelianenko-Brett Rogers undercard. At this point, I don't see how the Strikeforce/M-1 Global co-promotion can take place in October because, as you suggest, the fighters need to know by now if they're going to be fighting in less than two months. I think November 7 is looking like the likely date of that card, and I think Strikeforce needs to tell Miller soon if he'll be on it.

vaIetudo Tell Mayhem the fans want him back in The UFC - time to take fighting seriously.
Mayhem told me he doesn't expect to return to the UFC because he doesn't like the terms of the UFC's contracts. Mayhem views UFC contracts as too exclusive and too restrictive, and he values his freedom. I think if Mayhem wins a couple fights in Strikeforce he and the UFC might both decide it's best to put their differences behind them, though.

And as for taking the sport seriously, I believe Mayhem absolutely does. Don't let his goofy persona fool you: He works hard in training, doesn't allow Bully Beatdown to distract him from his fighting, and will be in good shape the next time he steps into the cage.

MMAvalor: Ask Roy Nelson what he thinks of Kimbo Slice.
Nelson said on The MMA Hour (which we'll post later this week at MMA FanHouse) that he likes Kimbo, and that's what everyone who lived with him in the Ultimate Fighter house has said. We'll have to watch this season of the show to find out how Kimbo does in the Octagon, but it's clear that the other fighters on the show left it with respect for him as a person.

hippieboy: From the mailbag it sounds like the HW class is sprouting off a "senior's division" w/ Couture, Coleman, Cro Cop, Tito etc.
The UFC has a lot of light heavyweights (or heavyweights who could make the cut to heavyweight) who are in that sort of "seniors division" range -- you mention Randy Couture, Mark Coleman, Mirko Cro Cop and Tito Ortiz, and I'd add Dan Henderson and (maybe) Chuck Liddell as well.

We'll see Coleman fight Ortiz at UFC 106, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see Couture fight either the winner of that fight or Cro Cop next. But at the same time, I hope we don't see too many of these "seniors division" fights. I think it's a lot more interesting to see how the young up-and-comers look against the older generation than it is to see the older guys in the Octagon together.

Johnnyirsh: This guy has more than a swastika. He has a viking ship, swastika on left elbow, SS skull on right, supremacist all the way.
DLETT_is_LP: The guy needs to have the tattoo removed, white pride, born to hate and the nazi tatto, that should not be allowed!

These were two of several responses to my post about Toni Valtonen, an MMA fighter who has multiple offensive tattoos. The majority of people I heard from said that HDNet and M-1 Global shouldn't allow him to fight for them again until those tattoos are off his body. I agree.

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