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MMA Twitter Mailbag: Bully Beatdown

MMA Twitter universe had plenty to say about the MTV reality show Bully Beatdown after I posted a clip from the first episode of the show's second season. The show, hosted by MMA fighter Jason Mayhem Miller, has some fans who think it's all in good fun, and some detractors who say it reflects badly on mixed martial arts.

To read the pro and the con, read the rest of our MMA Twitter mailbag below.

Pro (7)
robindurden: I am all for anything that gives MMA more exposure. if I were Dana, I would sign Mayhem again.

LegendarySucker: I get quite an evil chuckle out of Bully Beatdown, but I'm afraid that @mayhemmiller is the biggest bully of all! (muahaha) P.S. last week I saw a "bully" come away with $7000.00 (more than I have ever made fighting!) So not ALL lose/lose 4 them!

uchoo786: Good, I enjoy it, bullies actually leave better people.

randy768: never heard of til now ,but i like it

winter717: Have 2nd season on DVR (no spoilers please lol). I really liked first season

SteveRipple: I like it. Brings MMA more mainstream & shows how difficult it really is. But think MTV pushes Mayhem too far over the top

JdashRIDE: Definitely the only good show on MTV since theytook away music videos. I like watching fighters smash wannabe tough guys.

Con (10)
tshirtmaker: Bully Beatdown is really dumb.

tehcourtjester: Bully Beatdown is the worst thing this sport needs right now. Glorifying pros beating up amateurs...lovely *sarcasm*

acrazymonkey: I think it's crazy. Professional fighters going up against bums? Not cool. But they deserve to be taught a lesson though.

galom: saw 1 episode ..saw enough. I think it hurts MMA mainstream acceptance which is needed in areas still lacking sanctioning.

CM_Holden: Mildly amusing but the phony mix of MMA with MTV kind of makes me want to vomit.

cori03: I've only seen one episode. And I didn't like it at all

John_S_Adams: Bully Beatdown has all the ear marks of Celebrity Boxing mixed in with a little Jerry Springer. Wouldn't take it too serious

HannibalKings2: I don't even watch TUF, that's how tired I am of reality tv shows. But i'll check both shows this season.

JohnKrolik: The only value in it is knowing that Jason Miller actually acts like a "wacky host" when he's actually fighting.

WatchKalibRun: How is this show legal? You have pros fighting amateurs for a purse. What Athletic Commission signs off on that? California?
Note: The show tapes in Salt Lake City and is regulated by Utah's athletic commission.

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