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Frank Mir on Couture, Nogueira, Rogan, Fedor, Lesnar, Silva and More

Frank Mir is, in addition to being one of the best heavyweights in mixed martial arts, also one of the best analysts of mixed martial arts. And in an interview with Raw Vegas TV, he had plenty to say about subjects ranging from the Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight at UFC 102 to his anger at Joe Rogan's comments during that fight. Also, he discussed his UFC 100 fight with Brock Lesnar, Fedor Emelianenko's decision not to fight in the UFC and a possible fight between Mir and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Video and quotes are below.

Mir on why he wouldn't fight Couture: "I look up to him and I have a certain viciousness to the way I fight. ... I don't know if I could go into the ring with the same kind of viciousness against Randy. I have so much respect for him. ... I think he's a hero. I look up to him in a lot of ways."

Mir on Rogan saying Nogueira had a staph infection when Mir beat him: "Rogan's making excuses for certain fighters, for why they performed badly. ... Every fighter has reasons we don't perform at 100%. As fans, we don't want to hear heroes and warriors complain that they almost died of staph. I think that's pretty sad and pathetic."

Mir on trying to earn a third fight with Lesnar: "We're 1-1 against each other. He had a lack of experience his first fight in the UFC, and I was able to capitalize on that. He was smarter than me. He made up a lot of ground on technique and while he's not more technical than I am, he was able to learn enough technique to take advantage of his athletic ability. He made much better improvements than I did. He beat me fair and square. ... The next time we fight each other I can also improve upon why I lost last time."

Mir on Fedor signing with Strikeforce and M-1 Global instead of the UFC: "His management team, I think, is the reason he can't do what he wants to do. ... I think everybody, every morning should wake up with something to prove. The minute you think you don't think you have something to prove, retire, go home and disappear."

Mir on possibly fighting Silva: "Anderson Silva is one of the best fighters pound-for-pound in the world. I would have a size advantage on him but I'd want to fight him with a lot of skill. I want to be in the Octagon with him. Some of the things he does seem like they're being scripted, they're so unbelievable. I would love to be able to face him."

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