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Another Example of Spider's Greatness

You know about his striking, his footwork, his power and speed, but here's another element to Anderson Silva that makes him great: his ability to digest and copy the opposition.

It's perfectly captured in this video in which he simulates Randy Couture to help teammate Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira prepare for "The Natural."

Silva is known for his incredible ability to mimic other fighters, and often does so in the gym (for more examples of that, click here), but now we see that there's a real-world use for it.

Such a skill shouldn't be discounted. Muscle memory is a real thing, and with the two drilling in the weeks leading up to the UFC 102 main event, it's quite possible Nogueira was better prepared than he otherwise would have been with normal sparring partners. Not to say that it was the decisive factor, but fighters looking for an edge might get one from the training itself, or from the confidence that comes from knowing you're as well prepared as possible.

Nogueira went on to defeat Couture via unanimous decision, rebounding from his Dec. 2008 TKO at the hands of Frank Mir.

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