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UFC Twitter Mailbag: Randy Couture, Thiago Silva, Nate Marquardt, More

UFC Twitter universe had plenty to say about UFC 102, with thoughts on upcoming fights for Randy Couture and Thiago Silva (could both of them be future opponents for Lyoto Machida?) as well as praise for Nate Marquardt.

Your questions and comments, and my responses, for our UFC Twitter mailbag are below.

PJHarrison: I wouldn't mind seeing a Silva vs. Machida rematch. I would also like to see Hendo vs. Randy
I agree with you that Thiago Silva could give Lyoto Machida a very good fight if he gets another shot at him. But I think Silva would need at least two wins over Top 10 opponents before the UFC would give him that shot. Machida has Shogun Rua in October and probably the Rashad Evans-Rampage Jackson winner some time in the spring of 2010, so we're at least a year away from Silva-Machida 2.

As for Couture vs. Dan Henderson, you're not the only one who brought that up...

Nitrayn: Top 5 fights for Couture in your opinion? In my opinion I'd say: 1. Anderson Silva at 205 2. Frank Mir/Cheick Kongo winner at heavyweight 3. Dan Henderson at 205 4. Chuck Liddell at 205 5. Rich Franklin at 205.
My quick thoughts:

1. I think Anderson Silva would destroy Randy Couture. I don't really want to see that.
2. The Mir-Kongo winner would be an interesting match-up if Couture stays at heavyweight, although Mir-Kongo isn't expected to take place until December, and I don't think Couture wants to wait that long before he fights again.
3. Couture and Henderson are good friends but have suggested that wouldn't get in the way of a fight between them. That doesn't strike me as the most interesting stylistic fight, though.
4. I'm not sure Liddell will ever fight again, but if he does, I think the UFC would have to strongly consider a fourth match between them.
5. Franklin vs. Couture would be a solid fight, but not a spectacular one.

What I really want to see for Couture is what he says he wants for the remainder of his career: interesting, competitive fights. I personally think that if Couture stays at heavyweight he's likely to get Mirko Cro Cop next, and if he moves down to light heavyweight he might get theMark Coleman-Tito Ortiz winner.

drsippi: After 102 do you think Couture can beat Machida? I do believe he can. He'll outclass him. Your thoughts?
It's an interesting idea on the surface: Couture looked like he still has plenty of gas left in the tank on Saturday night, and I think the type of fighter who could beat Machida is one with a good wrestling base and one who crafts a well-honed game plan. That describes Couture to a tee.

But to give a candid answer to your question ...
No, I don't think Couture can beat Machida. Machida is simply too quick for Couture at age 46. Machida would dominate the stand-up game and never give Couture an opportunity to use his wrestling skills. That fight shouldn't happen.

John_S_Adams: Another observation from UFC 102...I thought it was pretty classy of Nate Marquardt to hold off on an extra shot on Maia.
I couldn't agree more. Marquardt knocked Demian Maia out with one punch, and since the referee was a little slow to react, it would have been easy for Marquardt to jump on Maia and land at least one more shot afterward. But Marquardt showed great restraint and great sportsmanship in stopping as soon as he realized Maia was out. Kudos to him.

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