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UFC 102 Video: Couture vs. Nogueira on YouTube, Sort Of

The UFC is vigilant about protecting its copyright, so when people illegally upload fights to YouTube, they're quickly taken down. But if you missed the UFC 102 main event of Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Saturday night, you can at least get a little bit of it on the UFC's official YouTube channel.

Above is what I consider the best video blog the UFC has ever done: It's Randy Couture on fight night, starting with highlights of him in the Octagon with Nogueira (OK, the footage is nowhere near as good as you get on TV, but then again it's free), and then continuing to some fascinating behind-the-scenes footage of Couture getting checked out by a doctor afterward and commisserating with his cornermen.

Couture is 46 years old and hasn't won a fight in two years, but he's still a UFC superstar, and every UFC fan will consider this video blog 10 minutes well spent.

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