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UFC Twitter Mailbag: Couture vs. Nogueira Loser Done After UFC 102?

UFC Twitter universe is gearing up for UFC 102, but there may be a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the event, as the loser of the main event of Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira could be staring at the end of a great career.

We also have thoughts on a possible UFC 106 fight, the strange sport that forced the WEC out of Youngstown, and Anderson Silva's wardrobe in our UFC Twitter mailbag below.

MMAUSA: Do you think the Couture-Nogueira loser should retire? I don't like seeing old men get beat up.
I wouldn't presume to tell either of these great fighters that they should retire, and I don't think the loser will retire. But I did think it was legitimate that Joe Rogan asked Couture about possibly retiring at Friday's weigh-in, and I was a little surprised the fans booed Rogan just for asking the question.

Nogueira is 33 and hasn't won a fight in more than a year and a half. Couture is 46 and hasn't won a fight in more than two years. It's absolutely reasonable to think the loser might be done in MMA, even though I doubt either Couture or Nogueira is ready to consider it.

On another note, several people had comments on my tweet that Kenny Florian is likely to take on Clay Guida at UFC 106, and everyone seems to agree that it should be a great fight:
robindurden: Now that's something to look forward to. Guida needs to be the spokesman for Geico. I'm a fan.

muncability: Nice, this should be a barn burner! Excited for this fight.

PJHarrison: Clay never stops..and he can take a punch/kick. He's from Illinois so there is no way he'll lose! Clay by TKO GNP in 3rd.

John_S_Adams: KenFlo vs Guida in UFC 106...Very interesting match-up. I'm actually excited to watch this. Guida should push the pace.

mmahotstuff Wow. If this is true (and I hope it is clay would be a great fight for kenflo) UFC106 is going to kick butt!!

ragtownhero: Can anyone say "STACKED!!!"
I agree. I love the Florian-Guida match-up. If all goes according to plan, UFC 106 is going to be one of the best MMA cards of the year.

Switching gears, there are still questions surrounding the upcoming WEC show, which will take place October 10 in San Antonio instead of in Youngstown because the Youngstown arena says it's already committed to motorcycle ice racing:
WatchKalibRun: More weirdness about that ice motorcycle stuff
This whole thing is weird. I'd never even heard of ice motorcycle racing until I heard that the WEC couldn't use the arena in Youngstown on October 10 because ice motorcycle racing had the arena reserved. Now there's an active debate in the MMA community about the status of this October 10 ice motorcycle event. Thanks for staying on top of it.

And finally, I got a lot of responses to my tweet about Anderson Silva sporting glasses and a flannel shirt when he accompanied Nogueira to the UFC 102 weigh-in:
Nichevo: LOL, I've got the glasses, need to hit AE for some flannels.

RylanTaggart: LMAO, gotta love Anderson

Josiah365: Flannel & Shades... We will call it, The Silva! :)

Afton_Slone: Trust me you have to be tough to pull that look off.
As a glasses-wearer myself, I'm thrilled to see that Anderson Silva is wearing glasses, too. I think he's just a wee bit tougher than most of us glasses-wearers, though.

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