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Kenny Florian-Clay Guida Likely for UFC 106 in November

BRISTOL, Conn. -- Kenny Florian looks healthy and happy 19 days after his loss to B.J. Penn at UFC 101, and he says he's hoping to get back into the Octagon in November, with Clay Guida as his likely opponent.

I caught up with Florian here at ESPN's headquarters, where he moonlights as an MMA analyst for the Worldwide Leader, and he said he's feeling good and hoping he doesn't have to wait any longer than November to fight again. He said a fight with Guida at UFC 106 on November 21 in Las Vegas has not been finalized, but that he's optimistic it will get done.

"Clay's a tough guy," Florian said of his likely next opponent. "He'll keep coming at you."

Florian said he loved Guida's June fight with Diego Sanchez, which is regarded by many MMA fans as the best fight so far this year. Florian said he thought Sanchez was about to finish Guida in the first round, and that he admired Guida's tenacity in continuing to fight -- and fight well -- through the second and third.

"You could make a good case that Guida won the second and third rounds," Florian said. "He never quits."

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