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UFC 102 Video: Randy Couture Blog

UFC President Dana White is out of the video blog business, but Randy Couture is stepping in with a video chronicling his preparation for his UFC 102 fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Saturday night.

The most interesting part, to me, comes right at the beginning, when Couture -- looking like he's in excellent shape -- steps off a scale and informs us that he currently weighs 221.8 pounds. That's tiny for a heavyweight, and it shows that Couture could easily fight at light heavyweight if he wanted.

"I try to keep it around 220, and then naturally through two-a-days I start to drop into the 217 range, which is too light," Couture says, adding that he walks around in the 224-225 range and that he feels sluggish if he gets any heavier.

Couture adds that he'll be training once a day every day this week -- including Friday night, after the weigh-in, just to stay fresh on the day before the fight.

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