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UFC Twitter Mailbag: Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Picks

UFC Twitter universe had plenty to say about the upcoming Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight at UFC 102, and the fans on Twitter are overwhelmingly picking Couture to win the battle of the former heavyweight champions: When I asked for Couture-Nogueira picks, I got 25 for Couture and only four for Nogueira.

Read the UFC Twitter predictions for Couture vs. Nogueira in our latest UFC Twitter mailbag below.

Picking Couture:
WabKinew: I'm hoping for Nog by armbar from bottom position, but more likely Couture by decision after winning positional battle.

PJHarrison: I think Randy is one of the only guys crazy enough to want to go to the ground with Nog. I have Randy by decision.

rmann18: Couture via 2nd round TKO - Big Nog has looked bad in every UFC fight he has had, Randy is too smart to get caught in a sub.

colonialred: I'm convinced that we didn't see the real Nog in his last fight but it's impossible to bet against Randy. Couture by R2 KO.

muncability: Couture, Nog's done! Randy by ground and pound with 2 mins to go in rd 2.

robindurden: Randy a la Frank Mir. First-round TKO.

DeathCometh: Randy Couture is a freak when it comes to conditioning, this coupled with him bring such an intelligent fighter is his edge

seanbrown113: Couture by k.o. in the start of the second.

G_viti: Randy by controlling the standup with clinch work and top position control on the ground will nullify Nogueira's jiu jiutsu. Randy by decision.

ArkCowboy: Except for a lucky punch at max velocity Couture was beating Brock Lesnar, Nogueira is fading IMO, Couture by decision or sub.

tshirtmaker: Randy will win because he is much better. This is just a warm up before Lesnar rematch.

jeffwagenheim: Submission guy Minotauro is OK with being taken to the ground. But the Natural just pounds and pounds. Couture, TKO in 2.

nickster7352: I really don't know how but Couture is going to win. But it's not going to be an easy fight.

brent_rogers: Couture, round two, vicious pounding to the head on the the ground. Randy has incentive! If he doesn't win he's done.

mmahotstuff: couture FTW! He's going to take Nogueira down but yet knows to stay out of his submissions. Randy TKO in the 2nd.

MMAvalor: Couture will defeat Nogueira via unanimous decision. Couture will control the fight not allowing Nogueira the takedown.

JdashRIDE: Randy Couture by decision. I don't think he will finish him but it will be a one-sided beatdown.

MMAGroundnpound: Randy Couture will win a decision with superior clinch work and dirty boxing. Randy is much older, but Nog has aged quickly.

padrickbrewer: Couture. Mir dominated Nogueira, not sure if Couture's boxing is up to snuff, but I see him stopping Nog.

joelmclaughlin: Couture by decision - he'll take Nog down and stay there for 3 rounds.

uchoo786: Couture, Big Nog is past his prime, there are rumors going around that he gets ko'd in sparring sessions.

seander77: Coutre. If you cannot keep Couture away with striking, he will just overwhelm you with his grappling.

ironman_mma: Couture by UD. I will be rooting for Nogueira by Sub (Anaconda).

mew6789: Randy Couture by TKO in the 2nd round.

rmmclaren86: I see Couture winning by 2 round knock out after a round and a half of ground and pound domination.

Picking Nogueira:
John_S_Adams: Tough call...depends which Randy and Nog show up. I want Randy to win, but I think Nog if 100% subs him in Round 2.

hippieboy: Have to go with Big Nog, 2nd rd stoppage. Couture's age is finally catching up with him. Just too many miles at this point

acrazymonkey: Couture is good, but let's face it...he's a lot older now. Also, Antonio Rodrigo has a steel jaw! I think he has the odds.

dmiller23: Before reports of Nog getting KOed in training, I was calling Nog, 3rd round armbar. Now I'm concerned, but still Nog.

No pick:
WatchKalibRun: Guy who normally loses after he gets divorced vs. guy who is 33 in Brazilian years (that's 80 in norm years). Hard to pick.

It is hard to pick -- so hard that I haven't made up my own mind yet. But my preview and predictions will run later this week at FanHouse.

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