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UFC 102 Video: Randy Couture Working on His Footwork for Nogueira Fight

Randy Couture is the oldest fighter in the UFC, but he defies stereotypes about old folks because he's also one of the most open to learning new things. This promotional video for his upcoming fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102 is a good example.

Couture talks in the video about the way he started changing his footwork in the stand-up game for his fight last year with Brock Lesnar, and about how he's continuing to work on in as he prepares to fight Nogueira.

"I started the process of working on my footwork and changing those angles and moving more for Brock," Couture said. "I've just continued that with Gil Martinez, the boxing coach here, and feeling more and more comfortable with that style, which nicely plays into how I think this fight should go, and how I think I should approach the stand-up portion of this fight with Nogueira. I'm going to keep refining those tactics and those techniques, sharpening those hand skills, finding those different angles and making him find me."

The video also shows Couture putting himself through a grueling workout, that features power cleans, jumps and quick bursts on a stationary bike -- all of which develop the kind of explosive power Couture will try to show off in the Octagon on August 29.

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