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Frank Mir: Fedor Emelianenko Is Ducking Top Fighters in UFC

When Frank Mir owned the UFC interim heavyweight title, he always made clear that he didn't believe his own belt made him the best heavyweight in the world: Mir, like most MMA observers, said that Fedor Emelianenko is the top heavyweight. But now Mir's opinion has changed.

Asked on the DAM Show why he thought Fedor had chosen to fight for Strikeforce instead of the UFC, Mir echoed UFC President Dana White and others who have suggested that Fedor isn't interested in proving himself against UFC champion Brock Lesnar and the other top fighters in the UFC.

"I think it's an excuse to dodge the top-level competition," Mir said. "As long as he never proves it, he can keep the No. 1 ranking. If he goes into the cage and loses, he loses that. If he stays out of the cage and doesn't fight myself, Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Shane Carwin and some of the top heavyweights, he can always have an argument."

Mir also seemed to suggest that Fedor -- who has fought his entire career in rings -- would struggle inside a cage. Asked if Fedor would beat Lesnar, Mir answered, "In a cage? No. In a boxing ring? Possibly."

We'll find out if Fedor can fight in a cage whenever he fights for Strikeforce. But Mir is right that we won't find out if Fedor can beat the best opposition in the world.

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