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Five Months After Torn ACL, King Mo Says He's Ready to Fight

Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal, a former NCAA wrestler who turned his attention to MMA last year, became a rising star on the Japanese MMA circuit. But when he suffered a torn ACL in his March victory over Ryo Kawamura, that looked like a significant setback. Just five months later, however, he says he's ready to get back into the ring.

Lawal and are documenting his preparation for his return to the ring, which will take place on the August 28 M-1 Challenge show in Kansas City. Lawal will take on Mark Kerr, the 40-year-old former UFC and Pride star.

Lawal is the latest MMA fighter to use online videos to promote his fights, and this is an emerging trend that I think is great for MMA fans. The sport is still largely ignored by the mainstream media, and that means fighters need to promote themselves. Lawal does a very good job of that.

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