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UFC 104 Video: Ryan Bader Training

UFC President Dana White has pulled the plugs on his popular but controversial video blogs, but that doesn't mean YouTube-loving MMA fans will be short on content. A number of mixed martial artists have launched their own YouTube channels, including former Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader, who is out today with his first UFC 104 video blog.

Bader, who will fight Eric Schafer on the October 24 UFC 104 card, has started using YouTube to record his preparation for the fight, and I think that's exactly the kind of thing more athletes should be doing on YouTube. MMA fans love seeing what sparring is like, what the fighters' workouts are like and what their gyms are like. These video blogs give just that kind of inside look.

I hope Bader keeps using his YouTube channel to promote himself. He'll benefit, and so will UFC fans.

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