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UFC Star Chuck Liddell on Dancing With the Stars 2009

Chuck Liddell says he hasn't decided whether he's retiring from the UFC, but the former light heavyweight champion has found a slightly less strenuous outlet for his energy than MMA: He'll appear on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

Liddell doesn't have the best footwork in all of MMA, but from a quick look at the cast, at least based on the little I know about them, I'd say the only people in the group who are more nimble on their feet are former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin and (maybe) snowboarder Louie Vito. Here's the full cast:
Aaron Carter
Natalie Coughlin
Mark Dacascos
Tom DeLay
Macy Gray
Ashley Hamilton
Melissa Joan Hart
Kathy Ireland
Michael Irvin
Joanna Krupa
Chuck Liddell
Debi Mazar
Kelly Osbourne
Donny Osmond
Louie Vito

I don't know if the fact that I've never heard of some of these people means that I'm out of touch when it comes to pop culture or that the show uses a fairly loose definition of "star," but either way, I'm glad Liddell has found something to do outside the Octagon. I don't think we're ever going to see him in it again.

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