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MMA Twitter Mailbag: Chuck Liddell Questions and Answers

MMA Twitter universe had so much to say about Chuck Liddell that we'll devote today's MMA Twitter mailbag solely to Liddell, whom I interviewed about his future plans, his thoughts on UFC 101 and his Twitter impostor.

Your questions and comments and my responses for our MMA Twitter mailbag are below.

PJHarrison: Great interview. I had a feeling he would say something about his head movement.
Thanks. If Liddell does fight again, improving his head movement will be absolutely essential. He simply can't keep taking punches like he took against Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans and Shogun Rua.

BlackRainNinja: Ask him if he comes back to fight and Dana won't let him fight in the UFC will he go somewhere else or just stay retired.
There's no way Liddell will fight in a promotion other than the UFC. If he really, really wants to come back, UFC President Dana White will let him fight in the Octagon again before he'll let him leave for another promotion.

John_S_Adams: Ask him about his plans on fighting, when he might return to the octagon and Dana White's feeling about his fighting future.
Although Liddell is still thinking about fighting again, I thought it was interesting that he says he has no problem with White saying he doesn't want to see Liddell keep fighting. Liddell says one of the reason he likes White is that White will always tell him exactly what he thinks.

CRM_alumnigonzo: Ask him about his acting career.
Liddell says acting is something he enjoys and wants to do more of. My own personal opinion is, well, let's just say he's better suited to fighting than he is to acting.

mmahotstuff: For Chuck: Why nor start your own twitter acct so that fake (@chuckliddel) will go away & stop duping ppl
I got a lot of messages along these lines. It's amazing how many followers some of those fake Twitter accounts get. I don't think that one will be around much longer, because Liddell told me he plans to get it taken down and start up his own Twitter account. I don't think Liddell is ever going to be the kind of guy who spends all day on Twitter, but I look forward to reading his tweets.

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