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MMA Twitter Mailbag: Strikeforce Carano vs. Cyborg Picks, UFC 100

MMA Twitter universe is starting to buzz about Saturday night's Strikeforce main event between Gina Carano and Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos. But the MMA Twitter world really started to buzz on Wednesday morning, when the UFC and Spike announced that they would compete with that show by putting some UFC 100 fights -- including Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir -- on basic cable at the same time as the Strikeforce show.

Your questions and comments and my responses on Carano vs. Cyborg and the UFC-Spike broadcast are below.

First, a selection of tweets from folks picking Carano:

bkbdby: Carano by KO in 4th round because of conditioning. Cyborg will tire out.
beewsee: Gina will outlast Cyborg and end it with a third round TKO. Cardio will play a part and I believe Gina will be in shape.
JdashRIDE: Carano wins by RNC in the 2nd round. That pretty face of hers cant get messed up! Think about it!
BBKing77: Gina wins by TKO. Cyborg will get stunned by Carano's beauty! (I know I am! She's a real knockout!)
I think both Carano and Cyborg will be in good shape for this fight, but I agree that cardio will play an important part in it. Neither of these women has ever fought for more than nine minutes, and Saturday night's fight is scheduled for 25. That's a whole different world, and if it goes into the late rounds, superior cardio could be the difference.

Now a selection of tweets from those picking Cyborg:

tehcourtjester: I want Gina to win so badly (from a marketing and promotional POV), but Cyborg is out of this world. Cyborg by ground & pound.
dmiller23: Cyborg, by Kimura, rd 2
DeathCometh: Unfortunately, I believe this will be over fairly quickly in favor of Cyborg. Gina could pull it out, but must be aggressive.
ScottMNinja: Cyborg wins via 4th round submission. Cyborg is going to takedown and weardown Gina throughout the fight.
mmacommentscom: Cyborg by murder/KO/humiliation.

I'm having a tough time making up my own mind about how this fight will go, but I think the most likely result is Cyborg using superior punching power to beat Carano by TKO.

And a couple of points from those who don't like the UFC's counter-programming:

JdashRIDE: I already saw UFC 100! What is the point of watching it again?I wanna see new fights.I will be watching Strikeforce.
I also already saw UFC 100 and will also watch Strikeforce. But a lot of people can't afford pay-per-view, and for them it's a real treat that they'll be able to watch Lesnar vs. Mir for the cost of basic cable. The UFC is also putting some of the un-aired preliminary fights on Spike, which is good news for everyone who wants to see how the ancient Mark Coleman pulled off the upset of Stephan Bonnar.

hirakawa: UFC makes me upset. I love MMA, not UFC only.
I love MMA beyond the UFC, too. But can you really blame the UFC for trying to undercut the competition, just as companies do in every other industry? For MMA fans who have Showtime, Carano vs. Cyborg will be great. For those without Showtime, the UFC on Spike is certainly not a bad thing.

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